ACCESS has been helping internationals relocate to the Netherlands for over 30 years

In addition to being a help desk volunteer, I also produced and created this video for ACCESS to use for a marketing tool targeted to the HR departments of large multinational companies here in the Netherlands.


Released on Facebook and LinkedIn, and as a direct targeted email campaign to HR professionals.

(Concept, writing, director, cameraman, editing and graphics.)

A social dining app in The Netherlands.

Nibblr “What’s Better…?” Photography Campaign
This photography campaign stressed the two basics of the Nibblr’s social dining app platform: Good food and new friends.


Released as paid ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

(Concept, writing, photography and graphics.)

Nibblr “International Cuisines” Video Campaign
I made two versions of this video, one in English and one in Dutch, in an effort to bring the Dutch and expat communities together over meals.  Proper integration of the expat communities into the Dutch heritage is one of the core values of the client.


Released as paid ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

(Concept, writing, video director & cameraman, motion graphics.)

Snor Publishing creates beautifully designed gift books and chocolates.

I’m very excited to be providing product photography for Snor Publishing in Utrecht.  Photographed in my studio in Zuillen, these chocolate boxes are so well designed that they really jump off the screen.

(Product photography.)

A Hyderabad, India based non-profit foundation which helps farmers combat the effects of climate change.

This video and accompanying photographs were used on their website and social media channels in order to encourage local farmer participation in their program, as well as securing valuable donations from sponsors around the world.

(Concept, director & cameraman, editor and motion graphics)

Jack's logo

Jack’s 99¢ discount stores have three locations in midtown Manhattan.

I was originally approached to create video content for Jack’s new 8 meter tall digital billboard mounted on the front of their flagship store in Herald Square, NYC.  I made (20) 60 second advertisements for their sign using photography, live action video and motion graphics.

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After working with them for several months on some challenging projects, we approached them with the concept for a short series of web videos. They were very light hearted and shows the courage of a business owner who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

The basic premise was this: NYC is filled with millions of characters, and these folks all have needs.  No matter who you are and how strange your needs might be at the moment, Jack’s is the one place you can go to satisfy that need. No matter what, Jack’s has something for everyone.

I titled the series “Jack’s Cracks”- as in to crack a joke.  A hint that these were not ordinary videos!

(Jack’s Cracks Web Video Series: Concept, writing, director & cameraman, editor.)