Define The New Normal- Day 11/31:

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Define The New Normal- Day 11/31:

Define The New Normal- Day 11/31:

I spent the month of April asking a diverse group of my neighbours in Utrecht the following question.  I will release their responses once per day for the rest of the month. 

“As we collectively redefine the new ‘normal’ and rebuild, what would you like to see as the primary institutional change in society?”


“This crisis has taken a toll on our society that we will feel for generations. The poorest of us will take the brunt of this impact. We live in a world where members of the uber wealthy and selfish politicians, (often the same people), continue to convince the have nots that maintaining the status quo and keeping the oligarchs in power is what is best for the world. In fact, time has shown everyone who and what is most important in really keeping the world running: Health care providers, teachers, social safety nets, kind neighbors and communities. 

Once we are safely on the other side of this pandemic, I truly hope we value these things more and are able to see how little the powers that be concern themselves with our collective well being. When the covid-19 threat is eliminated, the bad players in the world will continue to push their divisive and profit-for-the-rich agendas. Xenophobia and Nationalism will continue to rise with little to no checks and balances. As we recover together, I challenge everyone to prove me wrong and do their part to curb these absurd notions.”

-Jared Sessions