Define The New Normal- Day 2/31:

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Define The New Normal- Day 2/31:

I spent the month of April asking a diverse group of my neighbours in Utrecht the following question.  Starting today, 1 May 2020, I will release their responses once per day for the rest of the month. 

“As we collectively redefine the new ‘normal’ and rebuild, what would you like to see as the primary institutional change in society?”


“This pandemic has illuminated how vulnerable many people are to economic calamity. Every country needs an accepted philosophy and a concrete plan to provide adequate financial help to the people who need it most. My country of citizenship, the United States, has a very long way to go. More globally, this is a strong call for countries to work more closely together. Contrary to what some people are saying, increased nationalism and isolationism is exactly the wrong approach. The pandemic shows us how connected we all are, and we cannot build walls to keep ourselves safe.”

-Betsy Hedberg