Define The New Normal- Day 5/31:

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Define The New Normal- Day 5/31:

Define The New Normal- Day 5/31

I spent the month of April asking a diverse group of my neighbours in Utrecht the following question.  I will release their responses once per day for the rest of the month. 

“As we collectively redefine the new ‘normal’ and rebuild, what would you like to see as the primary institutional change in society?”


“Two big takeaways from the pandemic: first, much of our commuting is a waste of time; and second, when we stop commuting, suddenly the world becomes a much cleaner, quieter place. When we start taking tentative steps back out into the world, we should consider which steps are worth the considerable footprints we leave behind. Business must resume, but not as usual. Commuting to jobs and other functions that do not require our physical presence is not only a waste of time, but comes at tremendous cost to the environment. The same technology that keeps us connected and informed during a pandemic can also free us from the plague of traffic jams, bus and train schedules we endure every day to go about the business of living. Our footprints should reflect what transports our souls – not just our bodies. They should reflect who we are – not what we do. Trails of our relationships, actual face time, rather than FaceTime, with loved ones. Traces of the creative flow of our arts, experienced up close and personal. And the watermarks of communing with nature and all its healing resonance, rather than the deep ruts of a commuting stampede to do, not be.”