Define the New Normal Project Launch

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Define the New Normal Project Launch

The Great Pause triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic has given us an opportunity to see our effects on the environment and has thrown a spotlight on inequities in virtually every society around the world. This pause can provide a moment to reflect upon our society and how we might work to improve it moving forward.

I spent the month of April asking a diverse group of my neighbours in Utrecht the following question.  Starting today, 1 May 2020, I will release their responses once per day for the rest of the month. 

“As we collectively redefine the new ‘normal’ and rebuild, what would you like to see as the primary institutional change in society?”

Response: “For an idealistic approach I would like to see more solidarity amongst peoples and states, realising we share one world together and we need each other. Care for our close ones but most importantly, for the strangers we encounter in our lives. Show it. Taking a moment to breathe and realise the richness we are surrounded with. Being grateful for what we have, appreciate the little things and less is more. We should take this Great Pause as an opportunity to change towards a more sustainable world appreciating the resources it lends us. Whereas globalism has been criticised to a great extent, I believe it’s been world’s biggest destruction but could be transformed in its salvation. Stepping aside from different beliefs, governments should realise we share this one world together and share knowledge. Our common goal should be creating a global circular economy which would be the way we can sustain.”

-Charlotte Huijskens, Student