Christopher Paul

Filmmaker/ Photographer

Let’s Talk About The Why…

To me, The Why is defined somewhere on the spectrum of Experience and Discovery.  Why do clients hire one creative over the next?


Be sure to hire someone who has enough experience to bring in your job on budget, on time and without any unfortunate surprises.  Commission work that is so beautifully lit that it jumps off of the screen.


Photography and filmmaking are also very much about discovery.  On the one hand, you don’t want formulaic photography that looks the same as everyone else’s work, yet on the other hand you certainly don’t want to hire someone who is learning on the job.


I rely upon decades of experience in shot design and lighting, and start to shoot according to my research about my clients and the current project.  These tools serve as a jumping off point for when I arrive on set and begin to light.  It’s important, however to be open to the happy accidents which occur on set. There is a large element of play involved, and without it, the work gets stale.  Discovery requires confidence, which comes from experience.  As a client you should insist upon both.


My work will sell your product or services to your customers.


Corporate/Commercial Photography and Video


People/ Event Photography


Food and Beverage Photography and Video


Product Photography


Creative Web Videos


Personal Work